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IRS Fresh Start Initiative Helps Americans With IRS Back Taxes

What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

A topic that is not commonly discussed due to its nature is Tax Debt. Americans owe $131 billion worth of back taxes, fines, and interest to the IRS. Most taxpayers do not know of a program that reduces their tax debt, which is the IRS Fresh Start program.

The IRS Fresh Start Program' entire objective is to assist people who owe the IRS money. Taxpayers may be able to have a part or the entirety of their federal tax debt forgiven under certain scenarios. When the IRS considers forgiving tax debt, the taxpayer's financial position is a major factor.

More about this government program here: The IRS may be willing to reduce the total obligation to an amount that the taxpayer can afford. The decreased tax debt can be paid in a single payment or in monthly installments. The program consolidates many major tax relief programs (ex. Offer In Compromise, Penalty Abatement, Installment Agreement, and Currently Non Collectible) in order to make the process possible.

See if You Qualify for the Fresh Start Program Today:

With the cultivating stress from back taxes, unfiled years, and IRS letters, make certain that the IRS Fresh Start Program is the ultimate opportunity to start over. This is the chance to fix any mistakes, and abolish accumulated debt over the years. Yes, the IRS is risky business, but it is even riskier to avoid the federal government, especially when owing them money. In this case, addressing the IRS alone is never advised.

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative opens a wide window to start over with a clean slate and liberation from several years of endured debt, mistakes, and worry. Once it’s time to take back control of tax debt, without a doubt.

More information can be found here: Media Contact Company Name: IRS Fresh Start Initiative Contact Person: Sophie Miller Email: Phone: +1-800-894-0455 Country: United States Website:

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