The IRS Fresh Start Program

IRS Fresh Start Program

If you don't pay your IRS taxes on time, you could face penalties, interest, tax levies, tax liens, asset seizure, wage garnishment, and potentially result in the IRS taking you to court.

In response to the IRS's exploitative collection techniques, the government developed the IRS Fresh Start Program, which makes it easier for individual taxpayers and businesses to pay their back taxes.

The IRS Fresh Start Program provides taxpayers with more flexible repayment terms and initiatives that may decrease or eliminate their tax debt without imposing penalties. Taxpayers may be able to have their federal back taxes forgiven almost entirely under certain circumstances.

There are four programs that makes up the entirety of the Fresh Start Program:

  • Installment Agreement

  • Offer in Compromise

  • Currently Non-Collectible Status

  • Penalty Abatement

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